PS2 still going strong with 150 million units shipped

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After being around for almost 11 years, Sony’s awesome little console has shipped over 150 million units worldwide. I was there the night of the PS2’s launch. I waited in line with a bunch of crazy people outside of a Target and braved the cold just to get my hands on the best thing since sliced bread (or the PS1). It was well worth it. I picked up SSX and The Summoner as my two launch titles, but unfortunately wasn’t able to get my hands on a memory card. This didn’t stop me from playing the crap out of these games and didn’t stop me from being extremely excited about Sony’s new black beauty. I definitely had some of the best gaming experiences of my life on the PS2 and it looks like I wasn’t the only one.

There have been over 1,527,000,000 PS2 games sold over these past 11 years, which is extremely impressive considering the PS2’s game library consists of just under 11,000 games. If you do the math… that’s about 138,818 copies of each game, which isn’t actually the case because we all know most people just bought millions of copies of the GTA games, Metal Gear games, Final Fantasy games, and Madden games, but it is fun to think about just how huge that number really is.

I’m sure the lack of backwards compatibility in the newer versions of the PS3 helped keep the PS2 sales afloat, because I know I’ve thought about going out and getting myself a slim model PS2 just so I can play some of my favorite PS2 games. I had to trade in my old PS2 when I got my Xbox 360… it’s a long story, but let’s just say it was lame and I miss my PS2.

Anyway, long live the PS2! I hope the PS3 is just as successful and has the healthy 10 year life span everyone says it will.

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