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PS Vita, Off to a Good Start?

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The PlayStation Vita from Sony was released this past weekend to the tune of 320K units sold. How does this fare for the burgeoning new system and it’s nearest competitor?

320k is a pretty damn solid launch considering that there are already issues being reported from the Japanese users (and a few early adopters here in the US). For a comparison to units sold on launch weekends, the Nintendo 3DS sold approximately 371k units when it hit the stores. I wouldn’t put it past Sony this generation to take a good segment of the Nintendo crowd in the over 16 demographic. I say over 16 because that’s about the age where you start to gain your own income and a bit of independence over your purchases.

The big test will be the worldwide release of the new hardware (February 2012 for the US/UK/AU launches), as the throngs of Sony fans in the Western countries do their favorite company’s bidding. With everything that they cram into that small bit of hardware, $250 for the wi-fi only model sounds like a hell of a deal.

I’d like to say that I’m excited for this to come out, but seeing how 99% of my gaming is done via my iPhone/iPad I doubt I’ll pick this up any time soon. Sure, I think it’s pretty boss but my time for gaming is usually limited to toilet-gaming.

Do any of you plan on picking up the new system? If so, what excites you the most about the new handheld from Sony?

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