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PS Vita Announced at E3

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Want to see what’s on the way with the new portable system that will be replacing the PSP? I know you do.

The new handheld console from Sony debuted today to the huge crowd at E3 and the millions of viewers at home and the reception from us here at WPR is one of hopeful optimism…except Jeff, who thinks that this will fall flat on its ass. Regardless, we’ve been told the price point for the system will be $249 for the WiFi only model and $299 for the AT&T 3G one. Sorry British fans of gaming, it seems like you’re going to get screwed again at a approximtely £235 for just the entry level one.

I’m interested to see how the console will run off of the proprietary flash cards they’ll be making called NVG. It’s gotta be better than the UMDs.

Below you’ll find the reveal video from Sony that shows many of the games in development for the system as well as what you can expect from the hardware. I’m actually considering getting one because call me anti-Nintendo, but I hate the 3DS.

You can expect the initial launch to happen sometime during the fourth quarter of this year.

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