Prove You are the Ultimate Fan by owning God of War 3 Ultimate Edition

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Kratos will be sad if you don't buy God of War 3 Ultimate Edition

Kratos will be sad if you don't buy God of War 3 Ultimate Edition

As of October 30th, gamers can pre-order their own copy of God of War 3 Ultimate Edition.  You may ask, what on Earth would make me want to do such a thing?  Well, if you want to enjoy a few things other than a code to download the E3 demo 2009, then you will be sprinting to your local game store and demand that they take more of your money or else.  There are quite a few wonderful pieces of swag and in-game content awaiting you inside the Ultimate Edition, read on and find out more…or else.

Now rather than drag this out, I’ll get down to what you want to hear.  The game will be enclosed within a replica of Pandora’s Box.  You will still get your limited edition art book to show off all that is grand in God of War.  You can also watch the full-length film showcasing all that is God of War in God of War: Unearthing the Legend (Director’s Cut).  When you aren’t blasting your ear drums to all the music with Brutal Legend, then listen to God of War Heavy Metal EP (Extended Play) and God of War Trilogy soundtrack.  Enjoy some unique challenges in the God of War Combat Arena which is contained in an exclusive environment.  Be the ultimate bad ass and don the in-game Kratos skin entitled Dominus.  All will be available for download on the PSN, but it won’t be for free.  You will have to pay a little bit extra to enjoy all this wonderful in-game and in real life swag.  All at the low, low price of $99.99…yeah, wonderful time to be in a world wide depression.

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