James Helsby

‘Prometheus’ is going to have an animatronic Space Jockey. Oh and more HR Giger.

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Everything about Prometheus reeks of a prequel. I mean, seriously. It’s Riddley Scott, it’s in the Alien franchise’s universe. Now the project has HR Giger advising set and costume design, and reports are coming in that an 8 foot tall animatronic Space Jockey is being built.

How much more do you need to say “Prequel?” Sigourney Weaver in skimpy undies? A bright yellow loader battle?

Just because it won’t have the stamp ‘prequel’ on it, doesn’t mean it won’t be interpreted as that.

I always found the Space Jockey to be one of the most interesting elements of the original Alien movie. Here was the first real sign of life that man kind has experienced, (well that we know of) and we basically gleam over it in passing. Who was he? What was he?

Maybe now we will get some answers. Although with Damon Lindelof acting as screen writer (creator of 33 episodes of the TV series LOST) we can actually expect more questions than we get answers.


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