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Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1 – #3, is expanding the Alien movie universe

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If you had questions about what happened after the movie Prometheus which, if you haven’t seen I suggest you do so before reading this comic. It’s kinda, very much required watching. Yes, this is a setting in the Alien movie universe franchise by Ridley Scott, though it is not specifically an “Alien” film. Prometheus is about finding The Engineers, the ones who seeded the galaxy with life. Prometheus: Fire and Stone is dealing with the aftermath on the planet LV-233, where the movie took place. Mind you, this Fire and Stone event isn’t limited to just Prometheus. Dark Horse is actually doing a massive crossover with this comic, Predator, Aliens and AVP series. That’s right, this series will connect all three franchises through four different comic book lines. I’ll be doing my best to connect them all for you.

Prometheus fire and stone

WRITER: Paul Tobin
ARTIST: Juan Ferreyra
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

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For the first three issues, I have been very much entertained. I credit that to the writing of Paul Tobin who has done a great job of expanding on what we first learned from the Prometheus movie and adding in that extra layer. Essentially, the black goo “biological accelerant” creates growth in life in a very gory, brutal and aggressive fashion that was contained on the Engineers ship has leaked out into the surrounding environment. Creating a hellish jungle with a certain familiar species of effective killers at the top of the food chain.

First, we are introduced to the crew that is headed to LV-233 to salvage the research vessel that crashed there, that we know is the ship “Prometheus” but the crew has no idea. Remember how Weyland kept everything a secret because he wanted to find the key to immortality from The Engineers? Yeah, didn’t work too well for that old man. We meet the crew, and the crew meets a giant jungle they had no idea would be on what was classified as a barren planet. This jungle is basically your worse nightmare on steroids. Everything in the images drawn by Juan Ferreyra gave me creepy vibes, it was terrific. Usually I wimp out of most horror stuff because I’m a big, well, wimp about that kind of stuff. But, I’ll never forget my cousin and I, when I was 17 and he was 16. Renting all the Alien movies that had been released (the whole franchise) we watched every single one of them one after another until concluding with Resurrection. Since then, anything in this universe has been interesting to me. So, the artwork took me back to the first time I started watching the movies and I really enjoyed it.

Where did all the xenomorphs come from though? I have a feeling the colony ship LV-426 that the crew found might have something to do with that. But I’m going to try and lay off giving away too much about these first three issues. I’ll simply say that if you were a fan of the Prometheus movies, and it left your noggin wondering for more, or what’s next. I think these comics are good for you to purchase, even if you’re just a fan of the Alien’s Franchise and enjoy a good Xenomorph every now and then.

Next up on my list – Alien: Fire and Stone #1 – #2 reviews!

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