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Project Dark: Now with Name and Details

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Project Dark, the newest game from the sadistic developers of Demon’s Souls, From Software, finally has some substantial information.

First off, Project Dark is finally with an official name: Dark Souls, thus cementing the universal attitude that this cross-platform title is meant as a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls. However, while they claim the game will be just as hard as the original, there are still some very notable changes:

  • The instanced world of Demon’s Souls is now being replaced by a fully open world. If you can see it, you can get to it.
  • The storyline will be completely different from Demon’s Souls, so don’t expect continuity
  • Soul Tendency is no longer a factor
  • They are claiming more “mutual roleplaying”. What this means is yet to be seen.
  • Character creation will not be based upon class
  • Level designs will be much more complex this time around
  • The ability to leave messages to assist other players will still be allowed in Dark Souls.

    Dark Souls is set to be released sometime this year for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.

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