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Deck Builder’s Toolkit – Review

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I promised that when I was finally able to get my hands on this product, that I would give it a go. I have always wanted Wizards to promote and produce products like this for new players and former players coming back to the game. I secretly wanted this product so I could get my hands on some of those more expensive (comparatively) commons and uncommons that are needed for roughly every one of my casual concoctions. It also has the added bonus of coming with a snazzy new box. I like snazzy new boxes.

When you first get the product, it is covered in the typical plastic and comes with a really cool insert. Unsheathing the box, you’ll find that it is a fairly sturdy box. The box isn’t like the other “official” boxes that come with the fat packs with every expansion. These boxes are made with a slightly cheaper material, yet of still very high quality. But I wouldn’t say they will last nearly as long as your fat pack boxes. I do however love the fact that it has flaps and shuts down like that. I don’t like the 2-piece fat pack ones as much because sometimes you cannot put the box back on without smashing some of the cards inside. It seems like the box could hold a couple of my 100 card Elder Dragon Highlander decks fully sleeved with room to spare for dice and counters. I’d say you could probably get 800 unsleeved cards in there comfortably.

After opening up the box, you’ll notice a few items. First, you’ll probably go right for the four booster packs it includes. Mine included a Magic 2010 Core Set pack, a Conflux pack, a Zendikar pack, and a Worldwake pack. That means we get at least a taste of the latest and greatest Magic block, plus the most recent Core Set (which is where I suggest everyone just starting out to spend the bulk of their money towards), and a taste of last year’s block. I like the choice of packs. This would be a typical selection at your local card store. My packs contained nothing of note, but thats to be expected generally. Next, you’ll find four sealed bundles of cards. Two of those bundles will be nothing but basic land. There should be enough to get at least twenty of any single land, more than enough to build a few decks with. The other bundles are of “semi-random” commons and uncommons. You’ll get one of four different assortments, each gearing you in a specific color or color combinations. Mine was definitely geared toward blue and white. I also received a few playsets of commons that are worth more than a dollar each. Such as [card]Lightning Bolt[/card] and[card] Llanowar Elves[/card], these are nice to have whether you are just starting out or in my case, just need more of them for your own decks.

In conclusion I was highly impressed with this product. I’ve seen them mostly sold out throughout my travels. Its been out a few weeks and I was only barely able to get my hands on one. They sell for twenty dollars most everywhere. The cost of the boosters on their own is sixteen, so you’ll get a lot of value for your dollar here. You’ll be able to build decent casual decks straight out of the cards from this box, this is a great deal for people looking to spend just a little bit of money and get decent decks out of it. I love the assortment of packs and cards you get in this. I would suggest this as a great way to get your Magic fix.

Robert Chesley has been playing Magic since 1997. He’s been an author at several Magic related websites including PureMTGO and CardShark. You can find Robert on MTGO under the user namer Urzishra14. You can also find him on twitter @urzishra.

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