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Shitty Producer of Shitty Storyline Moves to Block Warner Buying Midway

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Lawrence Kasanoff (the guy who produced the Mortal Kombat movies) is a very pissed man who feels entitled to something. He filed a motion recently to block Warner Bros. from buying Midway…because he claims Midway’s flagship series Mortal Kombat apparently wouldn’t be what it is today without his input and help.

Sure, his idea to make a fighting game into full-length motion pictures, TV shows, and other various forms of media was pretty astounding back in 1993, but c’mon, to say that a company shouldn’t be sold because you had a heavy hand in developing the shitty storyline and characters…is just rediculous.

It seems that Midway might have a battle on their hands though, considering that they were responsible for mostly the video game aspect of the Mortal Kombat franchise…everything else was done by Kasanoff’s production company Threshold Entertainment. Kasanoff claims that before he got involved in the production of the shit that the Mortal Kombat franchise has become, most of the charaters were flat, stock, and had minimal backstory. Not to mention, that the entire mythology was essentially non-existant.

What’s really going to turn your stomach is that the suit estimates the total value that the Mortal Kombat franchise has accumulated is approximately $4 billion. When shit sells, it sells well.

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