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Pretty Deadly #5: A Matter of Death and Life

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It’s the  final issue of DeConnick’s Pretty Deadly opening arc and Ginny travels back  home to face off with her father, Death. This is a father-daughter feud that could destroy death and change the meaning of life itself.

Adrienne and I are posting a joint review at the conclusion of the first leg of Ginny’s journey. See when Pretty Deadly first blew my mind! And when Adrienne saw the light.

Cover of Pretty Deadly #5 via

Cover of Pretty Deadly #5 via

Pretty Deadly #5

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: Emma Rios
Cover Artist: Emma Rios
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 4/2/2014

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Ginny comes home to the land of the dead and brings along her companions. Some companions have been apart of Ginny’s story before she was even born and others have been thrust into her life along the way. Everyone comes together in this concluding issue, in one way or another. Questions are answered and loose ends tied as Ginny, the reaper of vengeance, faces off against her father, Death.

Like the other books in this story, Butterfly and Bones Bunny frame the final act with their eerie foreshadowing and allegory represented in the natural world. This time they witness two snakes fighting, while another snake lies in wait, observing. Which of them will be the victor in this conflict and what does that mean for the fate of our heroine? Cut to the meeting of Ginny and Alice on the shield maid’s doorstep. The battle between Alice and Ginny ends quickly and at the end of Johnny’s gun. From here on out, each member present has a role to play in this story’s conclusion. Sissy thinks deeply as she weighs her purpose and wonders what the rest of her journey will hold as The Ascendant. Fox, Sissy, Johnny, and Ginny don’t get far before Death and his gunslingers fire upon the group. It’s your iconic high-stakes old west shootout. Ginny confides in Sissy about a dark secret and charges Fox once more to protect her. Yet, more action comes when Ginny confronts her father. Then, Beauty and Fox see each other one last time as Beauty frees them all. This arc concludes with Sissy holding a key and with Butterfly asking Bones Bunny more questions that Bunny is too tired to answer. Bones Bunny saves these stories for another day. We can all hope that Kelly Sue DeConnick is poised to tel these stories on another day that is sooner rather than later.

Sarah’s Says:
I am continuously blown away by Pretty Deadly, with both the art style and the writing. Since issue one Kelly Sue and Emma Rios have captured an awe inspiring tale of folklore and violence in such a short amount of time it almost makes your head spin. While I would have enjoyed this arc to be a little more drawn out and not feel so rushed in the last issue I am very excited to see what the second arc has in store for Ginny, the daughter of death and vengeance.

Adrienne Says:
Pretty Deadly #5 moves quickly through battles and revelations. The fast-paced conclusion draws on DeConnick’s ability to give each character specific yet intertwined roles that all move the story to a compelling conclusion. My favorite parts of Pretty Deadly have always been when Sissy contemplates who she is and what her purpose is in this epic tale. As she questions herself, the answers become clear, and she embraces them fearlessly. If only all of us could be more like Sissy.

The entire arc of Pretty Deadly has been been many things: a successful experiment, a welcome alternative to the usual comic fare available, and at times a magical experience. The creative team of DeConnick, Rios, and Bellaire started strong and got better and better to the final page of issue five. I can’t wait for the next story to see what DeConnick devises for Ginny and if it will be more concrete or another mythic tale.

Adrienne and I agree, this book gets 9 out of 10 vulture crowns for fantastic story and art, but a little bit rushed at the end.

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