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Prepare Yourself DC Fans, There’s a Renumbering Afoot

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We all knew that Flashpoint was going to cause a few disturbances in the DC Universe, but this one may almost be too bitter of a pill to swallow if you’re a big DC nerd, like me.

If you’re looking for the perfect point to jump into DC Comics, then look no further than the renumbering that is set to happen on August 31st with the launch of Justice League #1 that is being written by DC GOD Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee. This will be the first of 52 first issues that will encompass the entire DCU’s line of comics.

If you ask me, this is DC’s way of leading us into another event series that will last a year like how we had 52 happen after Infinite Crisis a few years ago. I seriously doubt that DC is prepared to clean house THAT much especially after all of the work that had lead to this point.

I just don’t see how they could possibly think that taking some comics that have been running steadily every month over the past 75 years like Action Comics (Superman’s book of origin) and stopping all progress that has happened since then, wiping the slate clean, and beginning anew is a very good idea. While I think it would be good to attract new readers, cause let’s face it, the comics industry desperately needs new readers. I also think it would be one of the most horrendous things you could do to a fan.

You don’t have to take it from me though, just read the announcement from DC’s The Source for yourself to see what the company is up to.

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