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Prepare to go back to the Grid.

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Ain’t it Cool News, has a brief mention of the fact that the Tron franchise is pretty close to getting a green light for a sequel. If you listened to our review of Tron Legacy in RLR # 69: Kung-Fu Grip, you would have heard me discuss why I thought this was an inevitability.

Essentially, Cillian Murphy (note…. Uncredited.) as Edward Dillinger, the lead programmer for the Flynn….err.. EncomOS 12.

You see, Cillian Murphy might not be an A-list actor. He may not be a B-List actor in many books. But what he is, is an Up-and-Coming actor. You might remember him as Jonathan Crane in Batman Begins (aka Scarecrow). Or Robert Fischer in Inception. Or even Jim in 28 Days Late. He has the credentials, just not the popularity.

That is about to change. Get ready for Tron 3: Electric Boogaloo.

Disney is doing something rather smart, for once. They are trying to play the field, and have a film placed inside each of the 2 yearly blockbuster seasons. Early summer, and late winter.

Next summer we will see Pirates 4. That winter will see The Muppet’s. Following summer? The Avengers. That winter, Swiss Family Robinson.

Add in a little sprinkling of Pixar, some additional Marvel, and a few Bruckheimer’s for good measure, and what do you have? Diversification.

Anticipate Tron 3 to be positioned as the winter companion to Iron Man 3’s summer release.

source: Ain’t it Cool News

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