PR Firm for Duke Nukem Forever Spits Its Dummy Out

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UPDATE: 2K have now severed ties with the PR firm. Whoever tweets for that firm’s probably getting fired. Earlier today PR Firm The Redner Group responded to the widespread criticism of Duke Nukem Forever by threatening to review who they provide games for in the future. The statement has quickly been redacted, but it shows the true colours of the troubling relationship between PR and the enthusiast press.

To the PR firm’s credit, they have made a full apology on Twitter and will be contacting those targeted with apologies. It states that 2K had nothing to do with it and that it was an outburst of emotion. Personal opinion or not, a PR spokesman of all people should know to act professional, especially on something as public as Twitter. It only goes to show how far some PR firms will go to to try and stranglehold the enthusiast press, in this case by threatening to stop giving games to them. Just because they get a free game does not mean you’ll get a good review. PR has to just accept the reviewer’s “honest” opinion and move on.

That’s not to say that the enthusiast press should feel like they are entitled to these free copies. A free copy may be appreciated, but they don’t have any right to it at the same time. If they don’t get a game, just suck it up and pick up a copy if you’re going to review it. While this might not be possible for smaller websites, the bigger outlets can certainly fit it into their budget. PR only gives them review copies because they think it’ll help the game. Even then, Duke Nukem Forever is just one example of the game’s critical reception having no effect on sales of the game (it just went to no.1 in the UK chart this week).

So yeah, PR firm said something dumb and quickly removed it from Twitter and apologised. Always bet on Duke to cause a fuss.

Source: NeoGaf

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