Ryan Thomason

Possibly a Signal of the End of Being Human (UK)

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Mitchell (Aidan Turner), the vampire of the group was killed in the season finale of the 3rd Series. It looks like George (Russell Tovey) is out after Series 4.

According to The Guardian he said that this 4th series will be his last, namely that having Aidan gone being the reason for his departure. That leaves the series with the two female leads who are still hanging on, and honestly…I’m fine with that.

“Well, I’ve actually left Being Human but no one [outside of the show] knows yet,” he says, bursting our bubble. The news will come as a shock to fans, still reeling from Aidan Turner’s exit as his character, Mitchell the vampire, was killed off by George in the season three finale. “Aidan’s left to film The Hobbit in New Zealand [with Peter Jackson] and going on without him on this fourth series felt strange,” says Tovey by way of explanation. But for such a huge sci fi-ish hit on both sides of the Atlantic, doesn’t having only one of the original cast members left put the show in major jeopardy?

“No, with Being Human the story can definitely go on and on,” Tovey insists. “Toby [Whithouse, the writer] still runs it and they can do all sorts … add giants and robots!”

I think there is enough to this show that we can see what the ladies do in series 5 and beyond. We wish Russel the best of luck and hope his great acting skills get him some Hollywood roles sooner than later.

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