Portal Minecraft Mod Makes My Wicky Tingle

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Minecraft forum user iChun has just concocted something so insanely amazing that I am now beginning to question my self as a man(Conclusion, I’m not). A Portal mod, for Minecraft. Mindblown.

It seems that everyday something comes out of our favorite pixelated sandbox game, full scale models of the USS enterprise, a working computer, and now this.

What’s that? That’s the sound of you feeling like a faliure as a human being for not doing this yourself.

The mod is currently in beta so there are bound to be bugs, but with the community’s help and a little of love I’m sure this mod will shape up to play quite nicely. If you want to try it out hit the link to the Minecraft Forums at the bottom and if you’re generous enough you can donate to iChun as a big thanks for all his hard work.

[Minecraft Forums]

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