[Update] Portal 2 gets [no] Move support and Valve apologizes for crappy PS3 support

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Valve announces “complete” Move support for the PS3 version of Portal 2 and also had some nice things to say about their commitment to the PS3 in the past. [Update] Portal 2 is NOT getting full Move support for the time being.

According to Joystiq, the German Playstation Blog got things mixed up and Chet Faliszek was actually saying Move is a “completely new experience” and it’s “not yet fully integrated” into Portal 2. Apparently Gabe Newell also joked saying people will “have to wait for ‘Portal 3’ or another title. We won’t be supporting [Move and 3D] in Portal 2.”

Well, there you go. The man himself already said it wasn’t happening and some eager German blogger for the Playstation Blog got a wee bit mixed up. The bottom line is, Valve is going to make good PS3 games. I’m pretty sure Portal 2 will be plenty awesome without Move or 3D support. I wouldn’t have been using either of them anyway.

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According to Eurogamer, Valve’s Chet Faliszek said the inclusion of full Move support is “compensation” for PS3 owners being shafted when it came to getting any versions of Left 4 Dead for their console of choice. I don’t really see how that’s much of a consolation prize, but at least Valve is aware of their lack of support for the PS3 in the past and appear to be doing everything they can to make up for not warming up to the PS3 sooner.

Faliszek took a little time to talk about the quality of the PS3 version of The Orange Box and had this to say, “We made a mistake back then and gave the Orange Box console versions to an external team. They did a good job, but didn’t quite achieve the same quality level that we have at Valve. Now everything happens in-house, we created a special console department just for that.” I like seeing companies take full responsibility for their mistakes and then actually offer up a solution. I’ve always respected Valve and thought this was pretty cool of them to acknowledge how weak their PS3 support has been. Valve continues to promise PS3 owners that their version of Portal 2 will be the ultimate version with a free PC code for the game, PS3-exclusive cloud saving, and cross-platform play between PC and PS3 users, full Move support is just icing on an already delicious cake (no Portal pun intended).

Coming from the man that declared the PS3 a failure back in 2007, Gabe Newell had this to say, “We made a promise to gamers at E3 that Portal 2 for the PS3 would be the best console version of the product.”

Sounds good to me. I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360, but you better believe I’ll be picking up the PS3 version. I’m excited to see what else Valve has in store for PS3 owners in the future.

SOURCE: Eurogamer

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