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Polk Boom Swimmer Speakers Review, The Duo and Swimmer Jr.

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You can tell there is something different about these Polk Swimmer speakers from the second you turn it on. Since my previous review on the Polk Boom Swimmer, they’ve changed that very first interaction with the speaker. Where it used to say “power on” in a nice lady’s voice, it now does a deep “Dum Duum Dum” bass throbbing that vibrates the speaker and sends a slight chill of excitement up your arm. When I watched my eight year old son turn on the Swimmer Jr. for the first time, he had a wicked grin on his face. After getting it to sync to his tablet, well…lets just say he has grown accustomed to playing games with the Swimmer Jr pumping out the volume nearby.

Let me touch on the most universal things about these speakers before I break them up individually. One, the sound quality from these little speakers are more than enough for whatever application you have for the speakers. I tested them in the shower (yes they are waterproof), let my kids have them for a couple of days, put it in the garage while sorting/packing boxes, and numerous rooms through my house. The sound quality is always clear, loud and just pleasurable for my ears, plus my family’s personal enjoyment. Two, like I mentioned, these Polk Boom Swimmers are waterproof, and the tail that comes with them that allows you to hook the Polk Boom Swimmer to practically anything gives the device a deep sense of versitility, the design is also strong enough that I think you’d be hard pressed to break the speaker until you resorted to a hammer or something. Thankfully, the Polk Boom Swimmer works so well, you’ll never feel a need to bash it with a hammer.


The Polk Boom Swimmer Jr. is the more compact version in the line, it comes with only the tail to hook onto things, but after handing it to my kids, they either hooked it on their bikes, the shower rod, or the headboard on their bed. Don’t let the size get to you though, the Swimmer Jr. packs just as much bass and audio pumping from the speaker that when I asked my kids how much they thought the speaker was worth. They both guessed well over $100 (The Polk Boom Swimmer Jr. is actually $39.99) as the kids price point on this speaker. It synched up to my sons Amazon Fire quick and easy, plus it survived the “Give it to the kids and see if they break it test” with flying colors. It really, really helps when you get review units for something like this and you are free of that “don’t play so rough with that, we paid good money for it!”. With that pushed aside, I was free to watch my kids grab the swimmer by the tail and whip it around as the Foo Fighters blasted from the speaker. If you are looking for the lower price point speaker for your kids, but it’s durable as hell, this one will totally meet those expectations.


The new Polk Boom Swimmer Duo is no slouch itself. With a set of paired up Duo, you can create an audio experience that is rival to any one of those fancy soundbars that people have been snapping up lately. The Duo comes with a suction cup that you can replace the tail with and stick the speaker wherever you may need it. I’ve stuck it on the side of the fridge, shower, side of a table while I worked in the garage, you name it. The suction cup is by far one of my favorite little things about the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo. The audio experience is something I can never get over, so much that when you look at the speaker you don’t think it’s going to put out as much as it does. It raises eyebrows right from the beginning. I’m a klutz and a half, but never once did I wince when I would accidentally drop the speaker on the concrete in my garage. You can tell just by touching the speaker that this thing is beyond durable. The battery like has been outstanding, my wife hasn’t had to recharge the battery, and she’s been using it consistently for days while we pack our house for a coming move.

I can’t recommend enough these speakers, I’ve gone through three of them now all of them now have their strategic importance in my home. The original Polk Boom Swimmer goes wherever my wife is working. The Polk Boom Swimmer Jr., has found a home with my 8 year old son. While the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo currently sits on my desk and is playing the Tron Legacy Soundtrack from my phone. These speakers have performed well above what my family could have asked for, and their portability is second to none. You can snag them at PolkAudio.com and find the Swimmer Jr and Duo for yourself.

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