Ryan Wilson

PlayWatch: Brink

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How many websites can promise you true first impressions?

Join me tonight at 7pm EST as I experience Splash Damage’s newest parkour shooter, Brink, for the very first time LIVE!. Curious about an aspect of Brink? Send me a request while I’m playing and I will attempt it before your very eyes. I will be taking suggestions throughout the gameplay (including the player design for the much boasted character customization).

Additional details will emerge as the event gets closer, so keep your eyes tuned to WatchPlayRead!

UPDATE #1: Already own the game and are itching to watch your skills in action? Add me as a friend on Steam and play along with me. My Steam username is thef1shyone.

Watch live streaming video from watchplayread at livestream.com

UPDATE #2: Thank you to anyone who helped guinea pig this new experiment for me. Unfortunately, technical problems lead to the recording being lost, so only the viewers got to experience the game with me.

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