Playstation Vita “To the best of his knowledge” Region Free

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Good news for fans of import titles and Europeans alike, it looks like PSVita is going to be a region free handheld.


At the E3 PSVita session for European and Australian press yesterday, Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe Michael Denny said that to the “best of his knowledge” that PSVita would be region free.

This is great news and only benefits us consumers. While PSVita may have a good price point in America, Sony have adapted Nintendo’s draconian strategy in Europe of “USD=EUR” and are charging 250EUR for just the Wifi model, like Nintendo are with the 3DS. The problem with the 3DS is that isn’t region free, so if PSVita is region free then that means the likes of me could pick up a model for $250+shipping, which results in about £70 saved (The handheld is estimated to be about £230 in the UK). And of course, there were a number of popular import titles with PSP so you weeaboos will still be able to pick the next Gundam title or whatever it is you damn weeaboos play. Either way, good move from Sony if they are following the same region free policy they have had with PSP and PS3.

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