Ryan Wilson

PlayStation Network Downtime Necessary to Implement New Feature

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Those who have tried to sign onto their PlayStation Network accounts today found themselves with either a time out or a scary suspended account message. It turns out that there is a perfectly good reason for this.

While your accounts won’t be accessible until 7pm, Sony revealed today that the extended delay was in preparation for firmware update 3.60 tomorrow. Unlike the last update, which was intended to combat software piracy, firmware update 3.60 will actually include something useful: cloud storage.

Currently exclusive to PlayStation Plus members, users will have access to 150 megabytes of online cloud storage. While nowhere near enough to store videos or demos, this space is perfect for save games, which tend to run 2 megabytes maximum. The number of saves is capped at 1000, which should be plenty for any sane person. Uploaded saves can be accessed on any PlayStation 3 signed into that account within 24 hours of posting.

If you don’t have PlayStation Plus, look on the bright side, at least you won’t be losing a feature this time.

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