Alan Smithee

PlayStation Move = Arc?

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Yay a giant N for Move?!?

You must have seen them by now, the PlayStation Arc controllers that look like a cross between a Wiimote and a sex toy. The EyeToy mandatory motion sensing peripherals are probably going to be a big topic for the Sony presentation at GDC tonight when the company is set to stream their keynote over Ustream.

Well, there’s been a trademark filing recently in the EU for what Sony is calling “PlayStation Move”. I sincerely hope that they don’t name it that. We do know that game systems/peripherals/titles are fair game for industry consultants who have nothing better to do than tone things down.

We just think that Sony should display some more balls when it comes to naming their products. We all enjoyed the codename you had for the hardware. Arc is infinitely more interesting than PS Move.

This is all speculation, the Move moniker could only be a game title that would use the motion controller, much like in the way that Nintendo did with Wii Play or Wii Sports.

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