Ryan Wilson

PlayStation Move Ad Banned for Violence, Bad Taste?

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When I first ran into a picture of this ad, I admittedly laughed. It seemed like Sony was making a bad choice in seemingly advertising beating the crap of your friend with your PlayStation Move controller (maybe he was being an asshole or cheating in the game).

I did not, however, expect the backlash it saw. Sure, I expected some angry mothers afraid that their precious sheltered little bastards would seriously injure each other, but I didn’t expect a full banning of the ad. Then I noticed a little word that has been popping up far too much lately in the media.


What the hell, people? It’s a fighting game, not a Where’s Waldo? of skin color shenanigans. I would have never noticed the skin tone if it wasn’t so stupidly pointed out. What I saw was two actors trying their hardest to sell a crappy game. You could absolutely bet that if the character positions were reversed, that “hate crime” term they’ve been liberally throwing around would switch just as easily to “demonizing”.

It’s a goddamned fighting game. You can’t make that stuff look pretty. If they are to rerelease the ad with two actors of the exact same skin color, not only would it contradict the “violence” banning claim, it would be akin to special treatment, an inequality that people fought so hard to prevent.

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