Playstation Home v1.5 aiming to bring users ‘high quality’ games

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In some GDC news, Sony has announced some new features that will be introduced in the next Playstation Home update. The update will be coming in early spring and will apparently be bringing some new technology to the table. According to the Playstation Blog, “PlayStation Home v1.5 was developed with one singular goal in mind: high-quality games.” Sony is supporting Home with new and improved network mechanics to provide users with “the fastest action available.” Home v1.5 is reported to get a “revamped” physics engine which will allow for new, better animations, graphics, and an overall boost in gameplay that should bring about some new experiences.

The Playstation Blog is also reporting that the types of games you will start to see in Home will range from FPS games with complete peer-to-peer competition, to kart racers… sounds interesting. The new tool set will allow for “richer graphics and an overall improvement to frame-rate” which are both definitely things Home could use.

There’s a video up on the Playstation Blog that showcases one of the new games that will be available in the new Home update. It looks alright, but it’s really not something I can really get too excited about. Home has never really been that appealing to me, as I really don’t enjoy being e-groped and danced on in a Second Life fashion, while watching strange internet people awkwardly flirt with each other to no avail. Well… part of me likes watching the latter just because it’s that special kind of depressing that only the internet can provide.

It’s cool that Sony is thinking about more social networking features for the PS3 and they are at least committed to doing something a little different. Even if this isn’t my cup of tea, it’s interesting to keep an eye on.
Is anyone out there excited about this news?

SOURCE: Playstation Blog

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