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PlayStation 3 might actually start earning

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Nobuyuki Oneda, the CEO of Sony, stated recently during the company’s investor call concerning the first quarter said that the PS3 now costs a full 70% less than what it originally cost to make. This leads me to do a little maths. If you take the original MSRP of a PS3 ($600) and add in the expected loss they were selling it for (about $300) that means that they’ve managed to shave off almost $630 dollars worth of manufacturing costs.

“The cost reduction since we introduced the PS3 is very substantial and this is on schedule. We don’t disclose how much of the PS3, specifically the cost deduction was achieved during the past two years. But that is on schedule.”

This certainly is good news for Sony as a company, now if they could manage to make back the mountain of money that they’ve lost since it’s launch. The only way I can see that happening is if they were indeed telling the truth about the PS3 being a 10 year console. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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