Playing Shit In Games? Go Burn A Warehouse

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As much as we love to play games, we all have our rainy days where we just play badly or just can’t seem to progress at all. Most of us would just take a break or do something else to ease our frustration, but according to a 15 year old in South Korea, those aren’t the only things you can do.

One Saturday evening, this teenager decided to take out his anger by burning a warehouse in Chuncheon, causing about $4,500 in damage. Not long after South Korean police arrested the 15 year old, who confessed to burning the warehouse all because “his computer games did not go well”.

His frustration came from playing in an internet cafe below the warehouse. When he says “computer games” I assume he means WoW or some other MMO since he’s in South Korea at an internet cafe. It’s either that, or he had one really frustrating game of Peggle or Bejeweled.

This is yet another case of one person who will probably give gaming a bad name for the rest of us. All that needs to happen now is for Fox (or in my case The Daily Fail) to pick up this story and turn into yet more anti-gaming propaganda. On the other hand, I haven’t seen this reported anywhere other than Kotaku so far. Then again, Kotaku does post news faster than a cheetah on steroids (I’m here all week).

Sigh…why couldn’t he have just gone on a rampage in GTA like I do when I’m frustrated?  Anyway, I’m off to go burn a church now.


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