James Helsby

Playboy Club, will be aired in Utah afterall.

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No, I am not posting this because I live in Utah. It’s real news that has caught the attention of the world. Local Salt Lake NBC affiliate, KSL refused to air “The Playboy Club,” citing “concern” over it’s content. Now local station KMYU has jumped at the opportunity.

It all started a few months ago now. When “The Playboy Club” was picked up by NBC for national broadcast, KSL (being owned and ‘operated’ by the LDS church in Salt Lake City) refused to air the series. They cited that the values that the station stands for, are in complete opposition to the content that the show would bring. The refusal is not the first time that KSL has refused to go along with their network affiliation, and have a history of blocking shows from airing locally.

KMYU, which broadcasts out of Saint George is picked up by Comcast and Dish Network, and DirectV; although their native OTA broadcast signal is probably not strong enough to reach all of Salt Lake (from personal experience). They are owned by Four Point Media, which also owns Salt Lake broadcaster KUTV. The switch over to a competing channel is a one off, and these sorts of agreements do not happen very often.

Regardless, if you want skimpy 60’s playboy melodrama, then this is good news for you. Personally, I didn’t have any interest in watching it in the first place, so nothing won or lost for me.


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