Pink Knight DLC being released for Castle Crashers, proceeds go toward Breast Cancer Research

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It’s hard to believe Castle Crashers is nearly 3 years old already. It doesn’t seem that long ago that it was one the first $15 DLC games on XBLA.  There hasn’t been much in the way of DLC for the game but The Behemoth have announced that in a cool move, they will be releasing a pink knight character.

All of their revenue from the $1.99 DLC pack will go towards various charities devoted to Breast Cancer research. For your two dollars you get the character as well as a lollipop and 4 other new weapons. The PSN version will be released first on February 8th (maybe some kind of apology considering it took so long for it to release on the platform?) and the XBLA version will be in an upcoming title update. Character packs aren’t exactly essential items of DLC, but it’s for a good cause after all, and who doesn’t want to be a fabulous pink knight? The game is great anyway, so it’s a good excuse to play through it again. Maybe the online component actually works properly now.

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