Pigs #1 – Mini Review

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Thought the Cold War was over? Yeah, me too… oh how wrong we were.

The first issue of Pigs put a sweet taste in my mouth that left me wanting more. The story follows a present day second-generation KGB sleeper cell stationed in Cuba. The cell has just been activated to overthrow the U.S. Government for reason left unknown. The events unfold in a fractured time line broken up into past present and future. This give us some background on the group, a slice of their current plans, and an huge idea of how radical this group’s actions will be.The gravity of the situation builds towards the end, and the climatic last page is one of the best I’ve seen for a first issue.

Pigs is co-written by Ben McCool (Choker, Memoir) and former Marvel editor Nate Cosby. These two weave an interesting story, while giving you enough information to grip the situation, but leave you with a handful of question as well. Their ideas are brought to life through the artwork of newcomer Breno Tempura. His panel layouts are interesting and his style works well with the story. I don’t know if it was the technique he used, the color pallet, or both together but the visuals in this comic have an inherent retro feel. This vibe compliments the story well considering the plot is bringing issues back from the 60s into the present day. It’s nice when the art style and the story feel like they are on the same page, and this series succeeds in doing so.

Issue #1 (of 6) will hit stores on September 14th 2011. I for one will be picking up issue #2 when it’s available, and I recommend jumping into this series from the start as well.

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