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“Phantom Events” Coming to MTGO

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In an effort to get more people to draft and widen the offerings of the Online game, Wizards announces “Phantom Events”.

From the official announcement:

To address this concern, we have developed a new event type for Magic Online limited events: Phantom Events. A Phantom Event is a booster draft or sealed deck tournament that lets players open booster packs, build decks, play in the event, and even win prizes (when they are offered) but does not add the cards played with to players’ collections.

That last point is very important, so let’s repeat it. Players who play in Phantom Events DO NOT keep the cards they play with.

Phantom Events will be called out clearly in Magic Online in their name (they will be the ones with Phantom in the title), on the event details page, and in the entry options window so players can tell exactly what kind of event they are entering. Phantom Events will have entry options like all other tournaments, though they will usually only require Event Tickets, and these events may have prizes as well. Once the tournament is over, however, the cards used to play the event will not be added to any of the players’ collections.

I feel this is a step in the right direction. This brings down the price of a draft to two dollars and the price of a sealed deck to four dollars. That is an incredible deal. Not only that if you are good enough to win outright, you can effectively win six times your money back. I’ve been asking for something like this for a while now and this is definitely a step in the right direction.

You can check more on the format and a schedule (right now they are only available on Sundays) by going to the official announcement.

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