Ryan Thomason

Peter V Brett’s EXTREMELY Hard to Find Great Bazaar Novella..FOUND!

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If you are one of the people like me who really got into critically accalimed new kick ass author in Epic Fantasy Peter V Brett’s Demon Wars series you’ve been looking for a copy of The Great Bazaar and Other Stories. It was a novella that he released between his first and second book, with deleted chapters and background stories to flesh up the universe, currently, the ones that hit first printing will set you back $200 and up (Originally only $20 or so when they were sold). If you can even find them. The limited signed editions are even HARDER to find and cost double that.

Brett has been itching to get all the people who have wanted a copy but can never seen to find one. So now that he’s got Subterranean Press on board to release this as an eBook you can buy when you click here, we can all finally get ourselves a copy at Amazon Kindle for 4.99. This is a smart move on their part, there is no physical inventory to degrade the value of the now rare novella’s first and only printing, but they get to make money off of the digital versions.

I really hope we see more of something like this, from other authors/ publishers who released limited versions of books/novellas/short stories, but want to give EVERYONE a chance to read it, not the couple thousand who got a copy.

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