PETA Should Do Stand Up Comedy: Fish Are Sea Kittens!

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You’ve got to love PETA. Unlike say, The Daily Fail or Fox News (or both) they won’t try and be serious when they’re trying to make a bad argument. No, instead of complaining about something ridiculous they would rather just make us laugh our arses off. From showing us the real Cooking Mama to arguing that animals should have the same rights as humans, they continue to make us laugh whenever they try to make a “serious” argument. And their latest effort is just as hilarious as you’d imagine.

Since we should be hung for being carnivores and eating fish, PETA’s latest campaign is to change the name of fish to sea kittens. No joke, they’re serious about this. They even have a website devoted to it too. Class quotes such as “Nobody would hurt a sea kitten!” and “People don’t seem to like fish”  make me laugh to no end. It gets better. The whole point of this is to stop people fishing. Well good luck with stopping a pastime that has lasted centuries and is shared between enthusiasts and most fathers and sons of the world.  We all know PETA have made silly arguments before, but this is just insane. Still it gave me a good chuckle.

Of course, everyone else didn’t lose their common sense and the campaign has been ridiculed. The “fisheries” spokesman John Cobb sums it up perfectly. “It is hard to take an organisation which wants to change the name of fish seriously,”. Well said Cobb. Now just to wait for PETA’s response or whatever they do next. If they keep this up, maybe it could become a feature. Now if you’d excuse me, I’m off to kill thef1sh  hug the sea kitten Ryan Wilson. (also, perverted mind included, “fish” to “sea kittens”? PETA must have some perverts to change a word that can be used to describe genitalia to another word that can describe it. Perhaps “sea dogs” would have been better?)


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