People sure do love trading in their video games

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Gamestop is rich, bitch

According to a report from (via Destructoid), the game trading business is a’boomin. Those scoundrels at Wedbush Morgan have estimated that 100 million video games are traded in annually. In related news, the fine gentlemen who run GameStop are taking baths in melted Godiva chocolate and using hundred dollar bills as cumrags. I mean, I know GameStop isn’t the only business that does trade-ins, but I’m sure whatever percent of the 100 million that wasn’t handled by GameStop is near negligible.

The article then goes on to say that despite this huge quantity of trade-ins, the sales of new video games is not diminished by much. I understand that, but to me the point is that GameStop and their conspirators are making 2 billion dollars a year selling things that people already paid for. That to me is just mindboggling. The person who originally thought up the idea of trading in games should be in the Smart People Hall of Fame, alongside the inventors of the polio vaccine, Albert Einstein, and these guys.

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