Ryan Thomason

Penny Arcade: DnD Podcast

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Tycho from Penny Arcade becomes Dungeon Master in a Dark Sun setting for Dungeons and Dragons. If you follow the comics, you’ll know he is a benevolent DM who takes pride in attempting to slaughter his party. How will Gabe, also from Penny Arcade, Scott Kurtz of PvP and Kris Straub hold out?

Episode one is your standard players getting accustomed to the game world, learning a little bit of background, and you get to hear the guys get things started. I like how this group plays together, you can tell they are have a lot of fun behind the audio. Give it a listen, it’ll remind you of the good ‘ol days when you used to play with friends, or make you wish you could start up your own group.

A mystical woman makes a boomerang out of sand and saliva, one of the players tries to eat sand and just gets a sandy mouth. As you can tell, hilarity ensues. It appears that a slave rebellion has taken down one of the sorcerer kings in their setting, the group sets out to see what the hell is up. Dice are rolled, give it a listen.

It looks like a new episode will be dropping every week, we’ll try to keep you updated on this hilarious adventure.

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