Non-Steam PC version of Dragon Age II contains SecuROM

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Oh BioWare, what are you doing? Despite both EA and Bioware claiming that the non-Steam version of Dragon Age II would not contain SecuROM, Reclaim Your Game, a website that tests PC games’ consumer friendliness, has found that the game does indeed include the controversial DRM. This is made all the worse by the fact that is not mentioned in the game’s software licence agreement and no removal tool is included, meaning users won’t even know that the SecuROM remains on their computers if they decide to uninstall Dragon Age II.

EA have been punished through lawsuits in the past for using SecuROM like this in Spore and The Sims 2 and since then EA are meant to disclose if there is SecuROM in any of their games. Using SecuROM is one thing but simply lying to your consumers about what DRM the game contains is a kick in the teeth. Fortunately for PC owners, the Steam version of Dragon Age II does not contain any SecuROM. It’s no wonder retail PC games are dying when publishers like EA decide to use such tactics to “combat” piracy.

Source: Reclaim Your Game via Vividgamer

UPDATE: A user Claiming to be Derek French, Bioware’s Technical Director, has replied saying that it is only used for the install process and that it is never used again.

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