Alan Smithee

PC Finally Gets ‘HD Taxed’

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mmmmm your pc moneys are delicious

Yeah, all of us console gamers had to swallow a huge load from the game companies when our current-gen (then next-gen) gaming systems were looming on the horizon with their promises of HD gaming…a promise that many of us are still waiting to see fulfilled.

That hard lump to swallow was the fact that the same games that we loved and played were some how magically raised a whole $10 (or 20%) from what they would normally cost to purchase…not you PC gamers though, you guys are and still get games for a hell of a lot cheaper than what your console brethren have to spend.

modern warfare 2

Actiblizzard has decided that it’s finally your time.

Many game retailers are listing the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 as costing $60, so you guys that tout better graphics and gameplay will finally have to eat it like the rest of us console gamers when MW2 hits the shelves…as to what this has to do with other games in the future coming out for the raised price-point? Hell if I know, but I do know that the industry we all love and mock tends to follow trends, especially ones that end up making the parent company even more rich.

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