“PAX UK” questionnaire appears.

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It’s no sure fire indication that Penny Arcade are bringing their expo to my shores, but it shows it’s on their minds at least. The questionnaire starts off by asking some standard questions like what console you own, what gaming community websites you visit (I of course put WPR), but then it goes to ask whether you would attend if PAX was brought to the UK and what standard PAX events feature would be most important to you. The likes of panels, keynotes, unreleased games and the like. It also asks where it should hypothetically take place (I put outside London because they have enough expos).

Lets be honest, who wouldn’t want a PAX in the UK? It seems like such an awesome event in the US and is growing bigger every year. We UKers don’t get many expos either. In the US you have PAX, Comic-Con, Magfest and Quakecon just a name to few where as the UK only gets Eurogamer and the MCM Expo. Simply put, the more expos, the better. Hopefully something will come out of this questionnaire but for now, we’ll have to wait patiently. You can find the questionnaire here.

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