Jill Seale

PAX 2011: Rusty Hearts Impressions

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Rusty Hearts is a massively multiplayer 3D brawler being developed by Perfect World. It’s made for pc, and as such was designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard. It can, however, be played with a gamepad, which is how I experienced it.  My first impression was that the game was akin to a 3D version of Dungeon Fighter, and this is not far from the truth. There is a lot of gear to collect, a hub world to piddle about in, and a skill bar resembling most every MMO you’ve ever played down at the bottom. Handling the large amount of skills while in combat with the gamepad was less than intuitive. However, if you’re interested in a free-to-play online brawler with nice cel-shaded graphics and an interesting Victorian/Eastern European Gothic art style, then Rusty hearts may be right up your alley.


The beta will be open to everyone later this year, so get ready to get your hack and slash on for the free.

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