Jill Seale

PAX 2011: Rhythm Heaven

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Nintendo is gracing us with another installment of the Rhythm Heaven series, this time on the Wii. The demo that was available on the show floor this year had three games available, all of which were a blast (and can be seen in the video below). In the first game, someone flicks peas in the direction of your fork, which you have to skewer to the beat of the song playing. In the second, You play a samurai who is battling demons. The demons will attack you and you’ll have to slice them in half to the beat of the music, even when your vision is obscured by the story of the samurai and his family, which flashes on the screen to distract you. In the third game, you are a dog flying a biplane and playing badminton with a cat who is also flying a biplane. If any of this sounds strange to you, you have obviously never played a rhythm heaven game; this also means that you are a plebe.

The big news from the demo is that there will be NO WAGGLE in Rhythm Heaven for the Wii. This is great news for fans of buttons everywhere.

Also: if you miss a beat and a demon attacks the samurai, he does a Wilhelm Scream. Amazing.

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