Evan Burkey

PAX 2011: League of Legends

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Evan and Jeff play a hands-on game of League of Legends‘ new Dominion mode in front of hundreds of PAX attendees. Can our heroes squeeze a victory from the evil Red team?

League of Legends is a free to play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena aka DOTA clone) that has taken off in the last year. Both Jeff Seale and I have become big fans of the game, and play regularly with a group of friends… so we were very excited to try the new game mode that Riot Games is releasing soon. Dominion is a spin on Capture The Flag, where two teams of five players fight to control five points across the map. The gameplay is sped up to make quicker paced games with more fighting. Our game lasted 20 minutes, where a regular game of LoL lasts anywhere from 30 to an hour+. The two teams fight to control the points and drain the enemy team’s points, and whoever loses all their points first goes home and cries to mommy.

Jeff and I had the chance to play a game with some other PAX attendees, and we had an absolute blast. The gamestyle is quicker paced and focuses on 1v1 and small group PvP fights. Jeff played Taric, a healing and support character, and I played Blitzcrank, a giant robot that is built to be annoying and disruptive to the enemy team. The game consisted mainly of us running around trying to stop the Red team from taking out our points, but in the end we were able to barely take down the other team. The fast paced action never stops in Dominion, and its an absolute blast to play. If you’re interested, you check out the League of Legends site.

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