Alan Smithee

PAX 2011: Borderlands 2 is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

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Ok, gird your loins people, we’ve got a good year before this game comes out and we in the WPaRmy will be bringing you every single screenshot and video that comes our way from the fine folks at Gearbox and 2k Games.

Today, we’ve got two screenshots for you to grab and put into your own personal Borderlands 2 spank bank one of which is the inspiration for the title of this post (being bananas and all that). The first is at the top and shows the unfortunate life of a bandit after being hit with high explosives, aka being gibbed.

As you can see in the next image, there seems to be a good 6+ enemies on the screen that are in dire need of having their asses handed to them, but what catches my attention the most is the statue in the background that we’ve seen in other screenshots, looks like a shrine made for the arms dealer Marcus. Beyond that, I’m really glad they’re going with the thick pencil lined cel-shaded look with obscenely detailed textures. I love this game already and haven’t even seen it in action…actually that’s a lie because someone took some spy video of the game in action the other day, see below!

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