Evan Burkey

PAX 2009: EVE Online

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Even though I play World of Warcraft near-religiously, I maintain that Eve Online is the best MMO on the market right now. Though I don’t have the time to invest into it right now, I’ve played it extensively in the past. Understandably, I was excited to speak with some devs from Eve, and came away with some interesting info on what is coming up.

Eve’s next major expansion is called Dominion, and it brings many new things to the table. Some of the features include an updated ingame browser, more tutorials for things like exploration and scanning, and graphical updates to planet surfaces. There is also new epic arcs specifically made for tier 2 frigates, and a new social website for in-character interaction.

The one change that sounds the most exciting is the update to the sovereignty system. Right now in Eve, corporations (Eve’s equivalent of guilds or clans) can take over and gain sovereignty of border systems. Large scale war between corporations for sovereignty of systems is a major part of the endgame. Right now, these wars are not regulated in any way. If your corporation owns a system and no one is logged in, there is nothing stopping another corporation from coming in and taking over. This new system will allow owners of systems to place a beacon which basically locks the system to you. If an enemy corporation wants to move in and take over, they’ll have to disrupt any and all beacons in the system using infiltration ships, then take over the jumpgates and allow their larger ships to fly in. This system will allow a fairer, more structured way for corporations to engage in large scale PvP while stopping things like “stealing” systems at 3 in the morning. Once again CCP Games looks to hit the nail on the head by addressing features that the player base has been asking for, while also adding new cool features.

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