Ryan Thomason

PATV, The Series: Season Finale

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PATV: The Series is a reality show based on the life and work of the guys that put out the one of the most popular .jpegs (web comics) on the internet. It’s hard to call it a TV show, there are no televisions involved, unless you watch it from the internet on your home TV. If you do, congrats Mr/Mrs Fancypants. So, you want to know what I thought about this show and the closing of it’s first season? You might be surprised by what you see, because this is different than what you get out of ‘reality’ shows nowadays.

I was pleasantly surprised by this show, which started off as a podcast that had been posted by Tycho and Gabe just talking about random stuff. How they decided to evolve it into a video web series, I don’t know, but I’m glad they did it. I think what I liked most about these shows was the honesty behind them. There are only so many times I can see people getting drunk and fighting. Not very often do you get to watch people being truly creative and showing you how their creative process works. Throw in some episodes about what the Penny Arcade office is like to work in, and you will like it even more. How many offices have ping pong tournaments and seem like an extremely fun and creative place to work at? We got some serious episodes, like the drugs episode where they talked about how finally being mentally diagnosed and getting onto prescription medication has changed their lives. You get a peak at what their family lives are like and how dedicated to their kids as they are to their website they are, which is refreshing when you see so many deadbeat dads out there. It just goes to show that geeks make the best dads.

It looks like they are going with a different direction for the second season, where in this one focused on big events that were going on with the Penny Arcade crew. The second season will be more of a focus on their core office/employees. I can’t wait until they decide to record/release the second season. Heck, I saw a Kellogs ad for the Season 1 Finale, so it looks like they are at least moving up on getting recognition.

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