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Paranormal Activity 3 – Trailer

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I think I just pooped my pants a little bit.

If you’re hip on the mythos surrounding this series, then you already know about Kristi and Katie’s apparent lifelong haunt by a malevolent demon who ultimately possesses Katie (recall the end of the first movie if you didn’t know). This movie apparently is going to be a prequel maybe? I’m not 100% certain, but after watching it, I got filled up with that indescribable “demon fear” that comes from being brought up a kid who believed in such things as being real.

I question if this will be a prequel though mainly because of the flash of Katie (at least that’s who I guess it is) that happens at the beginning of the trailer. Considering both movies turned insane profits, you can bet this one will do the same.

It’s out in October, on the 21st if you’re to believe wikipedia. I can’t wait because these movies are my kind of scary.

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