Alan Smithee

Paranormal Activity 3 Sets Records

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The seminal horror franchise returns for its third part and manages to destroy three records in the process.

First up, the movie has claimed the record of highest opening by a horror film by bringing in $54 million dollars in the United States alone (grand total of $80 million if you count international too). Keep in mind that this movie only cost about $5 million to make, meaning that everyone involved is laughing all the way to the bank.

Second, it has destroyed its previous film record of $40 million raked in at the box office.

Finally, it has set the record for best opening in October, surpassing the previous record of $50 million set by Jackass 3D last year. That’s just amazing. I can’t hate the movie for doing well and I’ll for sure rent it because I enjoyed the other two, but to be frank, I think Dr. Farnsworth says it best.


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