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Paramount Pictures buys the rights to DC Comic, The Mighty

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It’s an unfamiliar series for me, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t news worthy. DC has sold the rights to make a film version of The Mighty, to Paramount Pictures.

To be produced into a film by Disruption Entertainment, it will be produced by JC Spink (Hangover, I am Number 4, Butterfly Effect), the premise follows an a cop who uncovers the truth about a super-hero’s goals. While we all wish that the super-hero was nothing but altruistic, the reality is much more nefarious. Can one singular normal human, stand against the world mightiest hero, Alpha-One?

An interesting premise, but my lack of knowledge within the DC universe makes me wonder how and even if, DC would try and tie this film into the main-sequence of films that DC has been working on. If it stands alone, it would seem to be a play on superman, taken almost from the Lex Luthor stand point, well… the opposition. It’s interesting, but I don’t see it really working out as a dark film. Society today, much like in the 40’s, strives for the good hero. We love the good fight, against evil. I think it is the American ethic at play, that we don’t want to be the underdog, becoming the champion. We want to be the champion, with no competition.

But super-hero’s are super-hero’s for a reason. And finding one as an evil character (think Ozymandias in Watchmen) might not sit well.


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