James Helsby

Paramount might be making a ‘Martian Chronicles’ film series

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The rights to the classic 1950’s stories, originally penned by Ray Bradbury, have been purchased by Paramount, with the intention of making at least 1 feature length film.

The Martian Chronicles, catlogues the stories of colonists trying to make Mars into an inhabitable world, but considering the scope of the book series (which spans over 60 years) it might be better stated that Paramount will be making a series of films.

John Davis will produce the adaptation of the book of short stories that Bradbury wrote in the late 1940s about humans trying colonize Mars.

In three structures, the stories dealt with attempts to settle Mars and the Martians’ efforts to fight the humans off, the colonization of the red planet and a nuclear war that eventually forces most of the humans to return to Earth. In the aftermath of the war, humans become the new Martians.

Several attempts have been made to adapt the Martian Chronicles into film and TV miniseries, none of them with very much success. But with the climate being right for good Sci-Fi blockbusters perhaps now is a good time to try again.


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