Alan Smithee

Paramount Drops Dune Remake

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No real Fremen would be caught dead outside the sietch without their stillsuit hoods firmly fastenend and their breathing masks on to help retain the body's water. WHAT A SHAM!!!

I’ve been talking about it for a long time, and for lack of any common sense in me, have actually been looking forward to this movie being made. I guess now I’ll just have to bide even more time until someone can do it right.

I remember a while back that the director had stepped away from the project, but that didn’t crush my dreams for the movie seeing the light of day this decade…because let’s be honest, is Peter Berg THAT great of a director if he can’t take on the classic Frank Herbert movie that inspired a whole generation of Sci-Fi geeks?

Well the bad news was officially delivered recently…the option that Paramount had, expired. It’s as simple as that. But what’s interesting is that the script was ready and things were all set up, except it seems that Paramount couldn’t bring themselves to agree with what the people who own the rights to make the movie.

I only hope that the rights owners like Paul Rubenstein are the good guys here, we do not need another Dune with ‘wierding modules’ and shitty Kyle MacLachlan big hair. Though I would agree that Gurney Halleck should remain Patrick Stewart.

Anyways, if you want to read the entire expose on the matter, head over to Deadline. We’re just doing our civic duty to report to you that the project is dead once again.

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