Pale Horse #3 (of 4)

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OK, I’ll admit it:  I figured this western comic book series would let me down before it ended.  However, I thought it would be in the fourth and final issue, not this one, the third issue of Pale Horse.

This gives me hope for the next issue out next month.  This issue of this bloody mini-series wasn’t too bad, just not as good as the previous two.

Quick run down about Pale Horse #3:

Andrew Cosby:  Story (also known for founding BOOM! and co-creating Eureka (Sci-Fi))

Michael Alan Nelson:  Writer (frequent BOOM! Comics writer)

Christian Dibari:  Artist

Cole:  The Black Cowboy Hero of Pale Horse

The Boy:  Cole’s half-Sioux son

Shaw:  The required bad guy

Cost:  $3.99

Opinion:  Wait for fourth and final issue to judge series as a whole.  Especially as I am still not sure what the whole storyline is… Was I supposed to figure it out this issue?

Bottom Line:  $2.99/$3.99

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