Pale Horse #1

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Yes, this review is late.  Pale Horse #1 came out on June 16, 2010.  However, I just read and liked it, so I want to recommend it to you.  Of course, #2 is not yet on the printing schedule, so I may be giving you a bum steer.

The story is plotted by BOOM! co-founder, Andrew Cosby (also the co-creator of Eureka on Sci-Fi–now Sy-Fy).  Pale Horse is written by Michael Alan Nelson (who has written various books for BOOM!) and drawn by Christian Dibari (a new comer as far as I can tell).

The story is a western Lone Wolf and Cub. I like westerns and I like Lone Wolf and Cub, so how could this book go wrong?

Cole was a man who had put his weapons of war away until his wife is raped and murdered for the sole reason that she was a Native American.  Now, Cole has a son without a mother and an unerring aim with is gun.  Also, he doubts that justice exists in his world.  I realize that sounds derivative, but I enjoyed it.

How many western comics are out there right now, anyway?  Well, maybe only this and Jonah Hex, and this one is not finished.  BOOM! Studios, can we see Pale Horse #2?  After all, $3.99 is a lot to spend a comic that I am certain I will see a second issue of.

Bottom Line $3.99/$3.99

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