Packers tell coaches to “Pack it up”

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Sure coach, I’ll play linebacker

Now I know I usually don’t report on football news, but honestly, I can’t help myself when it comes to my beloved green and gold. ESPN is reporting that 6 Packers coaches has been fired today. They are Bob Sanders, defensive coordinator, defensive ends coach Carl Hairston, defensive tackles coach Robert Nunn, secondary coach Kurt Schottenheimer, nickel package/cornerbacks coach Lionel Washington and strength and conditioning coordinator Rock Gullickson. Only their linebackers coach managed to keep his job on the defensive side of the ball.

While I feel bad for these guys, I’m not surprised. The team was the 11th best overall defensive team in the NFL last year and they ranked 20th this year, with 90% of the same players. Their pass defense stayed the same, ranked 12th, while their rushing defense fell from 14th to 26th in 2008. Obviously something had to change. Maybe they’ll bring back ol’ Brett for one more go. He’s willing to play both sides of the ball right? I mean he is Favre after all.

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